The Naturist Action Committee (NAC) and The Body Freedom Collaborative (BFC) are working with The City of Seattle to bring you evening pool swims during Autumn and Winter at select Seattle Parks & Recreation aquatic facilities, including Helene Madison Pool and Ballard Pool.

Besides being a heap of fun, the swims will serve as fundraisers for NAC and further good relations between local skinny-dippers and the City. More information can be found at the NAC Seattle Swims Wiki Web site.

Many different grassroots organizations are organizing events and long-term projects in support of the continuing development of clothing-optional beaches in Seattle. Visit the SFBC Web site and Wiki Web site for details.

A city-wide bike ride protesting oil dependency and celebrating the power and beauty of the human body. Includes beach swims and splashes at the Seattle Center International Fountain. Visit the WNBR official Web site, the WNBR Seattle Web site and the Seattle WNBR Wiki Web site for details.

The Sun Lover's Under Gray Skies (SLUGS) hold nude swim nights at a private facility in the Greater Seattle area during Autumn and Winter months. Facility includes full-size pool, sauna, hot tub and meeting rooms. Visit the SLUGS Web site and their activity calendar page.

Banya 5 Russian urban spa and health facility hosts private events at their Downtown Seattle location during Autumn and Winter months. Enjoy their hot tub, sauna, steam room and much more! Visit the SLUGS Web site and their activity calendar page for details and dates.

BFC's Annual "Bare As You Dare" Community Polar Bare Dip is held mid-January (always at a different beach in the Greater Seattle area) in honor of America's premier advocate of nude sunbathing, Benjamin Franklin, who was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. More information.

Visit our low-bandwidth web site

The Mermaid Crossing is an informal workout for open water swimmers who would like the challenge of crossing Lake Washington, but do not usually have boat support. Organized by Body Freedom Collaborative (BFC) and FKKayakers. Visit the Mermaid Crossing Web site.

FKKayakers is a loosely-knit Seattle-area group of beginner and experienced open water kayakers who like to paddle naked when the location permits, and venture out to remote skinny-dipping locations. Visit the FKKayakers Web site. is a collaborative project of Body Freedom Collaborative (BFC). Design by Daniel Johnson. The groups and organizations on this page are not necessary associated in any way with BFC or with other groups listed. Photo credits for images: JC, Mike Martin, Quinton, Eduard Koller, Digital Edge Media. If you appear in any of these photos and object to them appearing here, get in touch. Do not publish these photos at any other web site, magazine, newspaper or form of broadcast media without seeking permission from the photographer. This site is calibrated for NTSC/PC gamma. This site also uses XHTML 1.0 Transitional encoding, which may not work well with all browsers. Site made with Autodesk Maya, Macromedia Studio MX, Adobe Photoshop/ImageReady and Macintosh OS X

Last updated 6 Sept 2006

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